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10 Reasons to buy an

Outdoor Play System:

  1. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars more for something your child will use for 15 years?

  2. Our sets are very modular. Design your own outdoor play system using our components.

  3. Built to outlast the play years of your child.

  4. We use all wood framing which, unlike vinyl, is a renewable resource.

  5. No vinyl sleeves that can be  cracked when cold.

  6. Wooden decks and railings mean no static from vinyl to shock your child.

  7. More activities for a lot  less money.

  8. Damaged parts are easily replaced. Contact OutdoorPlay Systems or go to your local  lumber yard.

  9. Availability is two to three  weeks from our plant (availability may vary depending on distributor’s location.)

  10. We use Wolmanized® Wood products.

The Wolmanized® brand has long been the leading name in the wood protection industry. It’s been the most widely known name, and the most heavily promoted.


Now it has a powerful new recognition that distinguishes it from the alternatives: 

  • It has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. 

  • Our pieces are constructed from premium grade, southern yellow pine that is pressure treated for residential outdoor wood that leaves wood with a natural appearance. 

  • Outdoor wood can be painted or stained and is more economical than durable grades of redwood and cedar or plastic composites.

  • It’s made from a renewable resource that’s treated to last for decades, reducing demands on forests.

  • Wolmanized outdoor wood is environmentally responsible, uses common species of rapidly replenished trees, preserved in a nonpolluting, energy-efficient process that reduces demand on forest resources.

  • Used and recommended by Dean Johnson, host of the popular TV series, Hometime.

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